Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you ready to turn a tiny bathroom into a useful and stylish space ? With a few simple changes, you can have a much more useful and spacious bathroom than before.


  • When choosing furniture and sanitaryware for small bathroom design, choose round model lines instead of geometric line models. Your bathroom looks wider than it is.


  • The most popular that makes a place more spacious is to use light colors. You can have a very look like spacious bathroom by using white colors. You are lucky because it is the find white color products in sanitaryware products.


  • Frameless shower glasses eliminate the visual boundary in small bathrooms.Since patterned or frosted shower cabinets will create a wall effect, transparent shower systems should be preferred if possible.

  • The most import think is when you consider a small bathroom design ideas you need to be think minimalist.  For example you can store you personal care and make up or spare towels outside of the bathroom. Thus instead of a large bathroom cabinets you can use a small washbasin counter or mono block sink.


  • Wall mounted bathroom cabinets make the bathroom look wider than it really is because it does not take any space. Choose a pastel color and stick to that color on key details such as furniture and ceramics. You can add other colors, patterns and textures on the main color with the bathroom accessories you will use.


  • You can use a shower cabin without bathtub in your bathroom. In other works you can make a shower room.

We hope that the small bathroom design ideas we shared above inspired to you

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